Definition of physical fitness in simplest terms is that it is the condition in which a person is physically fit & healthy. Everyone knows what is meant by a fit person. Some think it is about appearance but it is not only about appearance but also about having good health. Health information is necessary to have a healthy living. Good health is important for having a good life and for performance of life activities. Components of physical fitness plays an important part in individual life to be healthy and strong.

components of physical fitness

To attain a lifetime fitness, just concentrate on the following five health related components of fitness.


Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is about having power for lifting & carrying heavy objects. Body becomes weak without this strength and is unable to fulfill demands. Strength is possible to increase by training with lifting weights, while working with different rep ranges. Number of reps must be opposite to number of weight lifted. This component is much important with respect to health related fitness.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance accounts for muscles ability for performing contractions for extended time periods. In this fitness component muscles work for more minutes as compared to carrying or lifting something. In order to increase muscular strength, you need to get training yourself via lifting of lighter weights. You should work in reps of 20 to 25 ranges. The recommended option for this component among components of physical fitness is to work with lighter weights so that muscle fibers get power leading to muscular endurance. Higher numbers of reps lead to exercising for longer periods.

Cardiovascular Endurance

This component is a measure of the ability of the body to perform jogging, cycling, swimming, running & other things which force cardiovascular system such as blood vessels, heart and lungs to keep working for longer time periods. This is an important one among all components of fitness. Lungs and heart altogether provide fuel for body with required oxygen for muscles. In this way body assures required availability of oxygen. Running test namely cooper test is for assessing cardiovascular endurance. By some trainers, however, step test is another option. Both of these are accurate methods for measuring a person`s cardiovascular endurance with reference to components of physical fitness.


Next one in the list of five components of fitness is flexibility. It is important but is overlooked often. Training must be done for getting flexibility as it is important for ensuring movement of body through motions without any stiffness or pain. Testing for flexibility for this part from five components of physical fitness is much easy. Just lean forward & try to reach your toes. If you have flexible body you will be able to touch toes. Those with less liability will fail to do so. Another easy way to test flexibility is sit & reach test. More flexible individuals will be closer to touching their toes & beyond. This component from components of physical fitness is a measure of your body’s flexibility.

Body Fat Composition

Physical fitness definition covers fats composition as an important part of health. Composition of body fats means amounts of fats upon body. A measure is that a hundred pound person having 25 percent body fats composition will be having lean mass of about 75 pounds.
With respect to this one among components of physical fitness males should have fats composition of less than 17% whereas that for females is to remain less than 24%. Average men have 18-24% body fats whereas average women have 25-31%.


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